Khiron Expense Automation

Khiron Expense Automation (KEA) is a tailored workflow solution for managing your corporate expenses from Company Credit Cards and Cash Facilities to Electronic Purchase Authorities.  With KEA your finance department will be able to automate the management of expenses, saving time and money.

KEA runs on your local intranet or in the cloud, works with your Accounting and HR systems, and integrates with your existing infrastructure.  Through a clean and simple web application, your staff are able to Validate, Authorise, and Post expenses using the rules that you set.  KEA is highly secure

Credit Card Automation

Credit Card Management begins with encrypted daily electronic documents generated by your Corporate Credit Card Facility Vendor, containing every credit card transaction made in the past 24 hours by your staff, on their Company Credit Cards.  KEA imports this data, and create custom statements for every Card Holder in your organisation, daily if necessary.  Your staff are then able to code every transaction using your Chart of Accounts, submit supporting Documentation, split transactions, add custom details unique to your business requirements, and submit entire statements for authorisation by their Line Management.  Authorised transactions can then be posted in your Accounting System in an Ad-Hoc or completely Automated manner.

KEA is able to track the process of every credit card transaction, from initiation, through verification, coding and authorising to posting, and provides interactive dashboards with drill-into to let you see at a glance where every transaction is.

Petty Cash and Cash Receipts

KEA is able to manage multiple Cash facilities across your organisation.  Each facility can have unique floats and one or more staff responsible for the facility, be it a simple petty cash box or a Register connected cash draw.  KEA gives your staff the ability to present cash receipts, code transactions against your chart of accounts, submit to their line management for authorisation, and raise a request for reimbursement.

KEA is able to track every cash expense from presentation through to reimbursement, and show you at a glace the position of every facility within your organisation.

Purchase Authorities


Custom Development

Khiron Expense Automation is a tailored solution, custom fit to your specific infrastructure (Human Resources, Accounting, Messaging, Intranet).  We tailor solutions for our clients unique business requirements, ensuring a better fit.

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